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Non Line-of-Sight Wireless

was born from 9 years of customer support calls while working at COBHAM a major OEM of COFDM wireless links. Many of my UAV (drone) and UGV (robot) customers had a strong background in mechanical, electrical manufacturing and machine programming but no experience with RF Microwave communications. I offered a list of low cost test equipment but that was soon followed by calls on how to use the equipment. I couldn’t cover the technical background and detailed procedures in a phone call or even a few white papers. In several cases I made field trips to resolve their problems and do limited training on RF test equipment and procedures.

NLOS Wireless Lat tracking antenna
What was needed was a detailed seminar over a few days to cover all the RF technical background issues. This includes a full day of hands-on experience using RF test equipment to measure bi-directional TDMA data links on the bench. Then your key UAV/UGV OEM staff and end user operators will have the expertise to verify each TX/RX module, RF cabling and antennas are working up to original OEM specifications…when installed on their platform.

See our About US page for the solutions to this and other RF link issues that I provide.
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