Non Line of Site Wireless is a consulting company focused on RF Microwave Link test equipment training. We train your manufacturing, programming and field operations personnel in the latest RF wireless technology.

NLOS Wireless AboutWith the three day hands-on RF Data Link Systems Course users can design their own RF data links with sufficient margin to get the range they expect. They can resolve RFI issues on or around their platform. They can isolate intermittent problems due to repeat high thermal extremes, mechanical vibration and shock common to airborne/mobile communications.

Your operational staff and programmers will learn how to create sub routines to verify RF Link status and create BIT (built-in-test) routines. Then you will know if you have RF interference at any instant during field operations either on the UAV/UGV platform or at the ground control station. I assist you with a modification to your ground station to pre-flight your UAV/UGV. This modification will verify you have the maximum link range just seconds before launch and at any moment during flight.

We provide lists of low cost RF Microwave test equipment that is 50% or more lower cost than traditional equipment with the same level of calibration and USB or IP interface to a PC. That same test equipment can be used for a portable low cost UAV/UGV antenna test range. I can design and build an RF test bench either manual or programmable with training. I have designed Pelican cases to combine all your RF test equipment needs in to one or two rugged portable cases. Recently I helped clients with rigorous FAA UAV Aircraft Certification verification. This included line-of-sight data links, Satcom data links, GPS, ADS-B and data link test equipment QC issues and loss of data link flight procedures.

I am available for field test evaluations including pre-planning with your test range facilities staff. I have more than 40 years RF Microwave experience from component level up to system test including the latest in SDR, software defined radios and MIMO technology.

For a detailed list of what is covered in the 3 day course call or email me and I will send a document outlining all that is covered.

Ken Andrew - NLOS
Ken Andrew
NLOS Wireless

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